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Allison's Background

Allie Em, owner of Allie Em Photography

          My interest in photography began at age 12; when I first looked at the crisp, clean pictures created by a Canon 1D Mark IIN at the hands of Dennis Cuevas (then Owner and Operator of Race Day Photo). It was a level of clarity that I had not yet experienced, and a 6 year apprenticeship with him opened up a whole new world for me.

          In addition to time spent on motorsports photography, I have learned the art through formal courses in high school involving both film and digital mediums, workshops, forums, expos, and my own experimentation; and continue to live for new experiences and challenges.

When "not holding a camera", I can be found rock climbing, hiking, or visiting with friends or family... but it will usually find its way out of the bag at some point!

What began as a first indicator that I needed eye glasses has truly become a passion for me. I would love to share it with you; whether through:


Decorative Wall Prints

Restoration and Curation of Aging Album Photos


Matting and Framing your Photos

My background is diverse, and rates are reasonable. Please contact me for your quote!

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